Premium Grade Beef, Pork, Poultry, Lobster, Seafood & More

Offering Quality Made in USA

Agricultural Consumer Products

Who We Are: 

As an emerging B:B platform, we strive to source only the best recommended "one stop shop" selection of Made in USA premium consumer finished products commonly found in grocery markets and supply to our large supermarket chains, distributors and conglomerate clients outside the US.  Our product categories span across popular and trending consumer branded and private label products such as seafood selections, plant based healthy snacks, confection varieties, poultry, frozen chicken, almonds, honey roasted peanuts, fresh fruits, frozen blueberries, black and red beans, premium coffee beans, omega fish oil, cod liver oil, restaurant supplies, heating wood pellets, petroleum jelly, hand lotion, skin care and common products found in a reputable US grocery market. We believe to offer the best premium products at non-premium prices with sustainable value. 

Inquire on a product catalog and what Made in USA products you are interested in.  Note: Due to vast number of products available, many of products offered are not listed on this site, simply
inquire what products you are searching for and we'll advise if we can provide or can source
for you over 3-4 weeks on average.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to supply and nourish consumers outside the US with Made in USA
premium consumer food and beverage products at great value.
We commonly supply high quality products from top 10 largest, prominent
manufacturers, coffee plantations, farms and prominent wineries across the US.

About Us:

Our growing platform of hundreds of prominent US firms that meet 

our high quality standards and exceed industry standards.  We invite you to inquire about any
specific products you are exploring and how we can help.  Even with products we do

have yet to offer, we can explore the market sourcing for your firm and timely advise.  

Our Passion:

To provide high quality foods and finished products to consumers and firms outside the
US and anyone who has an interest in Made in USA agricultural products.

Our "Healthy & Delicious" Product Differentiation:

We are proud to offer high quality agricultural products from distinguished US
Manufactures offering only the finest quality products which are widely sold

and increasing in popularity in the US market.  For example, our Food Products

reflect a new “Third Wave” of Products most of which are “Healthy” & “Delicious”

with “Great Value offering.”   One of our premiere suppliers for award winning wine,

was recipient of an industry prestigious “American Winery of  Year” selected among

10,200 other wineries in the US & others are poised for similar growth from trending

demands across the US.  Given our growth model, we are rapidly expanding and

welcome other buyer, supplier & partner groups who wish to grow with

CJB Groups in markets as South Korea, Japan, Indonesia upcoming
Singapore and South East Asia. We encourage to stay in touch as
we continue to grow our expanding of common and new product catalog.

Products Offered:

Due to large volume of products made by large manufactures, below is a "sample"
of Products Offered from US Manufactures.

Product Category: Seafood 

King crab, tuna, scallops, lobster, shrimp, fresh salmon, grass fed-beef
Chicken, poultry, pork, Italian sausage, premium smoked fish and more.

Product Category: Beverages

Award-winning wines from Italy and CA, CA craft beer, premium liquor (Cognac,
Vodka, brandy, scotch, rum), alkaline water, mineral water, coconut water, tea,

Sparking water, organic cactus water and more.

Product Category: Fresh & Dried Fruits

Fresh oranges, fresh grapefruit, fresh table grapes, dried & frozen blueberries,
raisins and more.

Product Category: Nuts & Energy Bars

Energy bars, nuts, snacks, coffee beans, pistachio nuts, almonds,
pistachio nuts, mixed nuts, coconut energy bars, cookies, muffins, brownies,
nutrition bars, gluten free flour for bakeries, Instant oatmeal, granola, premium
chocolate, baked deluxe cookies, gummy bears, peanut butter jam, gourmet
chocolate and more.

Product Category: Sauces & Oils

Spreads, cod liver oil, oils, fruit spread, essential oils, maple BBQ sauce, maple syrup and more.

Working with Award-Winning
CA Wineries Vast Selections

(Napa Valley, Paso Robles, Sonoma Valley,

Mendocino, Monterey, Paso Robles & More)